SkipScreen 0.4.7amo

Bypass annoying waiting screens on download sites


  • Saves a lot of time
  • Adds nothing to the toolbar


  • Will require regular updates

Very good

Filesharing sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload are increasingly becoming the method of choice for people wanting to share files easily.

While those sites are useful, they make users suffer by waiting for a counter to countdown before a download link is provided. SkipScreen is a Firefox add-on which aims to automate this process so you don't need to hang around waiting to get your download.

Currently, Skipscreen works well with Rapidshare, Magaupload, Depositfiles, zShare and Sharebee. After installing it in Firefox, you'll never notice it's there until you access one of the download pages. The effect is impressive - the 'Please wait 50 seconds' (for example) message appears, then disappears before it's over, replaced by a SkipScreen page, while your download starts automatically.

SkipScreen works pretty well on all the sites we tested. On Megaupload you still have to type in a code to get the process started, but after that no more clicks are necessary. Overall, SkipScreen makes using these kinds of sites a lot easier, and less irritating.

If using file share sites is your thing, SkipScreen will really make a difference to your downloading.



SkipScreen 0.4.7amo

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